Updates to the instance selector, a new session countdown, updates to an NVIDIA runtime, and more! 🧘

We're introducing a number of quality-of-life improvements to Gradient Notebooks this month. Let's get into the updates!

Updates to instance selector improvement 

Instance selection, comparison, and education are starting to take on a bigger role within the Gradient product. 

The first improvement we've made is to clarify which instance types are available at your subscription tier as well as which instance types have capacity available.

And now you can also sort by GPU and CPU instance type!

We've heard from a number of users who would like additional instance specs when selecting an instance type. What specs are important to you? Let us know what you look for when selecting an instance!

Kernel health information improvement 

We now pass kernel health information into the Gradient IDE. This means that for each active file in a Gradient Notebook, there is now a little status symbol to represent the kernel state.

The green circles below indicate that there are two kernels are healthy and running:

We're also providing better atomic control for kernels. It's now easier to restart or stop a frozen kernel in the IDE without needing to shut down the entire instance.

Read the docs for more info!

Updated RAPIDS container improvement 

We've updated the NVIDIA RAPIDS runtime to the latest stable release, version 21.12.

This release contains substantial updates to cuDF, cuML, and more so be sure to take it for a spin!

Other improvements improvement 

  • We implemented a session timeout interval for Gradient Notebook sessions on free instance types. This helps us maintain a deeper pool of available free instances for others to use without interrupting active sessions
  • If you've opted for an instance with a fixed session length, we now provide an unobtrusive hourly countdown in the sidebar to let you know when your session is due to end

Bugfixes fix 

  • We fixed a pesky issue that sometimes caused inconsistent logout states
  • We fixed an issue with the Restart Kernel function to make it more reliable