S3 added as a data source, a new unified storage dashboard, and more! 🪣

We're excited to roll out a new data source in Gradient Notebooks: S3 buckets! We're also announcing a new unified storage utilization dashboard for Gradient and a couple of useful quality of life improvements.

S3 integration in Gradient Notebooks improvement  

We're pleased to offer a new data source for mounting S3 buckets within Gradient Notebooks! The S3 integration, which is available to Pro or Growth subscribers, allows you to mount an S3 volume directly within a notebook.

S3-compatible storage systems are also supported so be sure to read the docs for more information!

Storage utilization view upgrades improvement 

Meanwhile, we've also made it 10x easier to understand how much storage you're using in Gradient. Whereas before it was sometimes difficult to understand which resources were consuming storage bandwidth, there is now a single-source-of-truth dashboard within Team Settings. 

The dashboard quantifies storage use across resources while providing a precise breakdown of storage used and available storage remaining.

Other improvements improvement 

  • We improved the Members page within Team Settings to make it easier to define and manage your team
  • We improved the visual language related to save states and kernel status in the notebook IDE
  • We added directory size information to the datasets list view