Gradient launches new Graphcore Machines

In partnership with Graphcore, we are excited to share that we are launching additional types of IPUs in Gradient Notebooks. This means that you can now start training on POD4, POD16 and BOW-POD16 IPUs within the notebook experience for longer than 6 hours. Check out these machine specs!

Graphcore’s Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) are chips designed from the ground up specifically for machine learning user cases and can deliver training speed improvements.

You can try IPU-POD4’s for free by going to your private workspace to test out this new hardware. Check out this blog on how to get started using IPUs on Gradient. If you want to dive into an example of how to get stable diffusion working on IPUs, give this blog a try.

Fixes & Improvements

  1. Fixed a bug in the deployments list view which prevented users from seeing all deployments
  2. Bug fixes to Core Shared Drive creation
  3. Improved error messaging on payment failures
  4. Improved the loading speeds for the notebook create and billing pages